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img/picture_headers/paddy17.jpg Scythe Project in India was adapted by the "ViKALP" group in Kanpur, UP.
See the Vikalp channel on YouTube.


Scythe Project In Nepal



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Scythe in UK Permaculture


Crops from Stones - Ultimate Resilience

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A 350 is mowed into a meadow in Denmark. This picture was taken as part of the International Day of Climate Action on October 24, 2009.
Courtesy of: H. Jørgensen



All human beings ...


L. N. Tolstoy in his cabin
by I. Repin, 1891


Procesing asbestos in India

Current info about asbestos

A shocking story behind the dirt-cheap goods from China


... Men shall know commonwealth again...
L. Cohen

"We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive."
C. S. Lewis


City workers in Vevey, Swizerland are being trained to use scythes...
I call this progress!


One more good SPIN ...


"... the scythe I received from you is a work of art. Till then, I have been using my Marugg outfit since its mowing time in this area. It has been like the equivalent of running a marathon in hiking boots. You can do it, but its not all that comfortable. : )  When I assembled my new one, not only was it easy to put together, but it fits as if I were born to use this tool all my life. Very lightweight and comfortable. I love the grips!! Having used both (Marrug's and Scythe Works'), I can honestly say this is a superior tool, in quality and comfort. Anyone who uses the scythe for extended lengths of time would appreciate the craftsmanship of this tool!
Thank you so much for your advice and help in choosing the right one. This is going to make my mowing so much more fun!

With much gratitude,
Rebekah E."

Otto, North Carolina



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Ordering info   

Please read the following note

To help the blade selection process, I ask you to make a tentative choice of blades you think are most suitable for your needs. Then I will give you a feedback and the selection can be refined.
When you're ordering a complete scythe outfit, I'll custom preset your snath according to a chosen blade and your measurements. However, once in your hands, it's important to pay attention, that your blade lays properly.
Before writing a technical inquiry, please read through the appropriate links in this section. Many common questions are answered there.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.
Currently, CAD 100.00 = approx. USD 82.00

Scythe Outfits


The beginners who wish to first test the utility of a scythe, typically look for some “middle of the road” version of this tool.
In such a case I recommend a blade no longer than 65cm / 26" long.


- Adjustable Canadian ash snath with
- #112/60 cm blade
- Can$ 180.00


- Adjustable Canadian ash snath with
- #16/70 cm blade
- Can$ 185.00

- Adjustable Canadian ash snath with
- #103/85 cm Falci blade
- Can$ 190.00


Adjustable Canadian ash snath with
- #7/60 cm blade
- Can$ 165.00

Super light, nicely balanced outfit:

- #100 ”DIAMANT" blade
65 cm long, 42 mm at mid-body, 375 grams

- Italian Aluminium-Snath, with two wooden, forward-facing grips
complete snath weights 835 grams, suitable for mowers under 5'10" tall
- Can$ 180.00

I have more blade options available that will fit on our adjustable snath. Some are finer quality, older production blades and are priced accordingly.

Sharpening Kits

Standard Sharpening Kit

For most beginners wanting better blade-edge maintenance we offer the standard sharpening kit and it includes:
  • Peening jig
  • Natural stone "Bregenzer"
  • Standard synthetic stone
  • Galvanized steel Whetstone Holder

Package price - Can$80.00


Advanced Peening Kit

For advanced mowers, ready to peen free-hand:

  • Austrian-made SFX Anvil - short, with guides to steady the blade
  • Natural stone "Bregenzer"
  • Copper Whetstone Holder
  • Sandflex Rust Erase block

Package price - Can$105.00

  • Upgrade to SFX anvil - tall, add Can$ 14.00
  • Plus Picard peening hammer, add Can$ 45.00
  • Plus natural whetstone - Rozsutec, add Can$ 16.00
  • Plus synthetic - "American", add Can$ 13.00


Read note about peening hammers here.


ScytheConnection design
Canadian-made steam-bent ash
adjustable grips

"... I love the grips!... Anyone who uses the scythe for extended lengths of time would appreciate the craftmanship of this tool... Rebekah E." Otto, NC


These snaths are the original ScytheConnection design and are custom made by a Mennonite wheelwright shop in Ontario, Canada - the family-operated enterprise.
Well shaped ergonomic grips have about a 6" adjustment range. To accommodate mowers' hight the snaths come in three sizes:
59" - approximately 1.35kg - for mowers under 5'8"
66" - approximately 1.55kg - for mowers 5'8" to 6'2"
70" - approximately 1.65kg - for mowers over 6'2"
I have also a few of these snaths in 59" made out of hickory in different curvatures to accommodate various tang angles.
When you're ordering a complete scythe outfit, I'll custom preset your snath according to a chosen blade and your measurements.
Supplied with a Snath Saver and an attachment ring.

Can$ 95.00

Straight One-grip Snath


Suitable for blades with steep tang angles. This snath has three adjustable positions.
Supplied with a Snath Saver and an attachment ring.

Can$ 95.00

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Peening Jig

This item, we believe, ought to be in the possession of nearly everyone learning to use the scythe because, without good live instruction and considerable practice, few beginners manage to do a satisfactory job of edge bevelling "freehand". Read a detailed article about using this jig here.
840g - Can$ 55.00


Colors may vary.

Austrian-made SFX Anvil

With a special adjustable "table" for steadying the blade. Read more and see full manual here.
Short - total height 6” with 2” prong - 850g - Can$ 72.00
Tall - total height 9” with 2” prong - 1300g - Can$ 86.00


Picard Scythe Hammer

This is an excellent quality, well balanced combination hammer, that can be used for peening on a narrow-faced anvil as well as wide-faced anvil.
500g - Can$ 46.00


Read note about peening hammers here.

Sandflex Rust Erase by Klingspor

These abrasive blocks are used prior to free-hand peening using the narrow-faced anvil. More here.
Can$ 8.00



These whetstones should be kept in water between uses, therefore we strongly recommend having a watertight whetstone holder to carry to the field with you. If used dry, the stone will not only wear faster but the surface will clog with dust and with metal particles, rendering it much less effective.

Standard Synthetic

For use following peening with the jig, for whetting bush blades, and for repairing minor edge damage.
23 cm - Can$ 8.00


Natural "Bregenzer"

Our best all-purpose stone for in-the-field whetting. These came from a once-famous quarry that ceased operations prior to WWII. In Austria long classified as "fine grit", it is about 300 grit.
Regular size - 22 cm - Can$ 10.00
Slim - 20 cm - Can$ 6.00


Natural "Rozsutec"

Extra fine grit (600-800?) and very long-wearing. Hand-quarried in Slovakia. Not recommended as the only whetstone for most mowers.
22 cm - Can$ 18.00


Synthetic "American"

As a result of recent trials, we have come to feel that if an “average beginner” is to have only one whetstone, we’d recommend this one.
It's good for the rough shaping of many other edge tools as well.
This is one of the synthetic stones, that can be used wet or dry.

Read more.
25 cm - Can$ 15.00


Synthetic "Large Stone"

Carborundum of remarkable durability suited as a general purpose abrasive for shaping (not honing proper) the edges of knives, axes, hoes etc. -- and yes, also for the post-peening-on-the-jig treatment of scythe blades.

Read more.
23 cm plus handle - Can$ 23.00


Watertight Whetstone Holders

Solid Copper - 145 g - Can$ 20.00 (pictured)
Galvanized steel - 120g - Can$ 10.00


Blade Attachment Rings ("Ring Clamps")

All the ring clamps we sell hold the blade in place considerably better than many on the international market. The set screws have finer threads, are placed on a diagonal in the base plate. The seams of all are welded (not riveted), and with thicker steel walls.

#1 (32x35x35mm) - 120g - Can$9.00 - sold out
#2 (32x45x35mm) - 130g - Can$9.00 - sold out
#3 (40x45x35mm) - 145g - Can$9.00 - sold out
#4 (40x40x35mm) - 140g - Can$9.00 - sold out
#5 (35x40x35mm) - 120g - Can$9.00 - made in Slovakia
#6 (38x45x25mm) - 115g - Can$12.00 - made in Austria
#7 (36x45x35mm) - 115g - Can$15.00 - made in Canada


All rings come with the standard mild steel wrench.
Extra long wrench of better quality - Can$2.50
Extra set screw - Can$1.50 each
Extra snath saver - Can$2.00 each

I do not sell The Scythe Book. Instead, the chapters from The Scythe Must Dance (the practical "Addendum" by Peter Vido) are posted for the reading and printing for free here. Most have been revised, as should be, from time to time, any instructional text written by one who is still learning. Normally this would be accomplished in co-operation with the publisher whenever another printing of the original book is made. However, we were not given the opportunity to do so, even though other printings have been made since the second edition's publication in 2001, and we have therefore opted to make the improved material accessible free of charge for anyone.

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Magna Grecia Hoe

The groundbreaker for tomorrow's gardens.

Complete tool Can$ 60.00 - The handles are out of stock
Hoe head only Can$ 42.00

Hoe head - 1250 g, prongs measure 30cm ... more in note 1.
Hoe handle - Hickory wood, 58" long ... more in note 2.



The quality line of the Falci Company's hoes is made of special tool steel with extra silica content to provide high abrasion resistance, and then hardened to 52-53 RC. This can't be said of many hoes on the Western market today, if it ever could...

To view it in action, please see the short video clips here.
Read more.



Read descriptions and more on sickles here.



Right-handed model (size 2) - 220g - Can$ 22.00 - sold out
Left-handed model (size 3) - 250g - Can$ 26.00
For a peened edge, please add Can$ 12.00



The sickle with a serrated edge - 180g - Can$ 16.00
Ethiopian model, made by the Falci company of Italy.



Smooth edged, right-handed - Small - 240g - Can$ 36.00
Smooth edged, left-handed - Small - 240g - Can$ 36.00
Swiss model, forged by the Falci company of Italy.
For a peened edge, please add Can$ 12.00

Ordering Info

  • Orders can by made by email or phone. After you let me know what you've selected, I'll send you a quote including the postage.
  • Prices are in Canadian dollars.
  • If you prefer to make an electronic payment, this can be done using PayPal.
  • Within Canada, e-Transfer works as well.
  • The payment can be made by a personal cheque or a money order (postal order or bank draft - from US must be "International").
  • Please make the cheque or money order payable to Scythe Works.
  • Please note, if paying with US funds I will use the exchange rate set by my bank, where I deposit the payment. This rate will vary from the Mid-market rate found on the Currency Exchange Rates Calculator's sites.
  • There is no Duty applied on agricultural hand tools entering the USA.
  • To orders in Canada HST / GST will be added, where applicable.
  • Detailed invoice will be sent upon request.
  • I usually ship as Regular / "Expedited" Parcel by Canada Post.

Approximate shipping and handling rates:
Within Canada: Can$ 65.00 for a complete scythe (the snath, one or two blades, and sharpening accessories), Can$ 38.00 for one or two blades with accessories.
To the US: $ 80.00 for a complete scythe, Can$ 45.00 for one or two blades with accessories.

Mailing address:

Alexander Vido
71 Linden Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8V 4C9

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