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Scythe Works has a complete offering of European-style Scythes outfits and all needed accessories.

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Scythe Works is operating out of Victoria, BC, Canada since 2007.

At ScytheWorks, personal service has always been an essential part of my scythe-business activities. Providing proper fit and function is the primary goal. Every scythe outfit ordered from ScytheWorks is custom-fitted for the user’s height, with extra attention given to the optimal pairing of blade and snath. All products are carefully inspected before shipment.

*Please note*

ScytheWorks is a one-man operation. Usually, I start working on your outfit within a few days. However, it will take longer during a busy summer season before I get to the order. Right now, it takes 2 to 3 weeks before I get to a new order.

I’m working on the orders in the sequence I’ve received them. Once the package is sent, you’ll receive the tracking number from Canada Post.

I ask my customers to take the time to inform themselves about what they might need. There is good material posted in The Big Book of the Scythe for everyone to make tentative choices of what they might need, and then I don’t mind giving feedback if necessary. 

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