by Alexander Vido

Are burning fields choking New Delhi?

A dense toxic smog in New Delhi blocks out the sun. In November 2018, Delhi's chief minister described the city as a "gas chamber". In New Delhi, air quality in recent years is a growing concern. The reasons are numerous, but every November a couple of extra...

When Nuts and Bolts are your Bread and Butter

… We do this to bring our daily bread to the table to share with our loved ones and sometime we hope for some butter too..

Fabricating Cane Wood Cradle Ribs

This is a fascinating look at the manual tools and methods used by a skilled craftsman to fabricate a scythe cradle.

Harvesting Rice Paddy with a Scythe, Varanasi, 2017

As you can see in the video, a scythe dealt with this circumstance quite effectively. It is also evident that technique and skill has a notable effect on the final result.

Forging scythe blades

This short video is a romantic, nostalgia evoking and beautiful portrayal of forging scythe blades at the Falci factory in Italy.

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