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Please note

Scythe Works is a one-man operation, part-time for most of the year. However, when the grass is growing taller, people start thinking about getting a scythe and I’ll get a rush of orders also, I get a number of time consuming inquiries, spending too much time in front of the computer and consequently falling behind with the work in the shop, putting the orders together. That’s why I ask you to make tentative choices of what you might like to order and then, if needed, I don’t mind giving you some feedback. 

I start working on your outfit after I receive the payment, usually within few days. However, there is a time period in the late spring/early summer, when it can take even two weeks before I get to the order. I’m working on the orders in the sequence I’ve received them. Once the package is sent, I’ll email you the tracking number.

Please note

In my continued efforts to introduce the scythe to Asia, I’m taking yet another scythe-related trip to India,
where our Scythe Project is well underway.
Consequently, I won’t be able to deal with scythe orders between January 14th and February 20th. I will continue
filling the orders upon my return.

Thank you for your understanding.


Scythe Outfits

All Scythe Outfits include:
– scythe blade
– Scythe Connection design snath
– attachment ring

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