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Despite the challenging times caused by COVID-19, Canada Post is still operating and ScytheWorks is able to process all orders. Since ScytheWorks is a one-man operation, I’m working by myself in my shop and I have in stock all supplies as listed in my catalog.

Wishing you good health!

Please note
Scythe Works is a one-man operation, part-time for most of the year. Usually, I start working on your outfit within few days. However, there is a time period in the late spring/early summer, when it can take up to two weeks before I get to the order. It’s because some people think about getting a scythe only when the grass is growing taller…
To help with a timely delivery, please consider placing your order before the peak season in June/July. Take the time to make informed decisions when choosing an outfit or accessories for your needs.
I’m working on the orders in the sequence I’ve received them. Once the package is sent, I’ll email you the tracking number.

Scythe Outfits

All Scythe Outfits include:
– scythe blade
– Scythe Connection design snath
– attachment ring

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