Scythe Blades

All the blades listed below come with the factory-finished edges.

The ‘readiness’ of the edges might vary. The ’ready-to-mow’ or ‘triple-peened’ are terms referring to edges that will require just a light touch-up, other blades will need to be properly peened before the first use.

For the additional fee, I’ll finish the edge. This mean, I’ll clean the edge of paint and lacquer, then hand-peen and hone the edge.

However, for some blades this service is unnecessary. If in doubt, please inquire.

You can also build Scythe Outfit of your choice.

I can fit any blade that you might select from this page on one of our adjustable snaths.

However, if you’re considering to use two blades with the same snath, please inquire to assure that the tangs on chosen blades are compatible.