Ordering Info

Please note

ScytheWorks is a one-man operation. Usually, I start working on your outfit within a few days. However, it will take longer during a busy summer season before I get to the order. Right now, it takes 10 to 14 days before I get to a new order.

I’m working on the orders in the sequence I’ve received them. Once the package is sent, you’ll receive the tracking number from Canada Post.

I ask my customers to take the time to inform themselves about what they might need. There is good material posted in The Big Book of the Scythe for everyone to make tentative choices of what they might need, and then I don’t mind giving feedback if necessary.

CAD/USD currency switcher

For your convenience, by using the CAD/USD switcher you can view prices in the preferred currency while shopping on my website. It’s set by “Stripe” to an average exchange rate, and the prices shown in USD are approximate. In the end, you’ll be paying for the total CAD amount and the exchange rate will be automatically set by your credit card. That’s why when checking out, the total amount will appear in CAD.

Payment processing platform
The secure online payment will be processed by “Stripe”.
Payment by e-Transfer

If you select “e-Transfer” as a method of payment, you will need to follow up with actual e-Transfer to scytheworks@shaw.ca

Payment by e-Transfer can be done through online banking, only from Canadian bank accounts.

Shipping and Handling

I charge a flat fee for orders within Canada and a flat fee for orders to the US, according to the selected type of products.

I’m sending the orders as Expedited Parcel™ by Canada Post.


Once the order is processed and sent, you’ll receive the tracking number.

Adding to the existing order

To avoid an extra shipping cost, please contact me and I’ll help you to figure out the balance. To complete the payment you can use the Payment Vouchers (below).

Order cancelation
At any point while waiting for your order, and before it is sent out, if you decide to cancel, I will refund your payment (minus any processing fees I am charged).
Payment Voucher

Payment Vouchers are used in the situation where an online payment is required  without any additional Shipping and Handling fee. The needed amount can be achieved by selecting multiple quantities of the corresponding vouchers (below).