Looking for a scythe?

Scythe Works has a complete offering of European-style Scythes outfits and all needed accessories.


Scythe Works is operating out of Victoria, BC, Canada since 2007.


Despite the challenging times caused by COVID-19, Canada Post is still operating and ScytheWorks is able to process all orders. Since ScytheWorks is a one-man operation, I’m working by myself in my shop and I have in stock all supplies as listed in my catalog.

Wishing you good health!

At ScytheWorks, personal service has always been an essential part of my scythe-business activities. Providing proper fit and function is the primary goal. Every scythe outfit ordered from ScytheWorks is custom-fitted for the user’s height, with extra attention given to the optimal pairing of blade and snath. All products are carefully inspected before shipment.

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