Table of Contents

Part One – Practical User Guidelines

“If we had written this book a year ago, it would have ended up very different than it is >unfolding now – and so it would be a year from now, the next year, and so on. That is the nature of the subject. Even as we work on this text, we’re continually adding or changing things. These modifications could probably go on indefinitely, until we eventually print, what will ultimately be, the notes of an unfinished learning process.”
– Steven Edholm and Tamara Wilder, Buckskin

Foreword – by Marshall Roberts
Chapter 1. Clarification of Terms – as used in these guidelines
Chapter 2. Blade Selection
Chapter 3. Brief Notes on Snaths
Chapter 4. Preparing the Blade’s Edge
Chapter 5. The Elements of Scythe Fitting
Chapter 6. Honing in the Field
Chapter 7. Mowing Techniques
Chapter 8. Identifying and Correcting the Causes of Common Mowing Problems
Chapter 9. Repairing Minor Edge Damage
Chapter 10. Care of the Scythe, with a few Notes on “Safety”
Chapter 11. The Homemade ‘Eastern’ Snath

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