#69 Left-handed Blade, 60cm or 70cm

CAD $85.00

Blade #69 is a Spanish model made in Germany. It is the only left-handed blade I carry. With not a heavy tang but plenty strong body, this blade can be used for woody weeds if peened accordingly. Please note that the Scythe Connection snath design is not reversible, and it can not be used with this blade. Blade #69 will fit on a Straight One-grip or Falci Metal Snath. On these two snaths, grips can be reversed for right or left-hand applications. However, a scythe is not as right-left-hand particular as some might think. There is a much greater selection of right-handed blades, and the ergonomics of the Scythe Connection snath design are superior to any other alternative.

Additional information

Weight 0.370 kg
Dimensions 55 cm

60cm, 70cm