Six of the #128Ms Falci Blade, 65cm, 460g

CAD $372.00


This price is for a bulk order of six blades (6 x $62.00 = $372.00) after the discount of 30%.

The model #128 is a typical Italian model blade is suitable for multiple tasks like maintaining an average lawn, cutting cover crops or gathering a small amount of hay. Perhaps this batch of blades was sitting too long on the warehouse shelf before it would get a chance to smell the freshly cut grass. It is still a well-tensioned #128 blade, even if it locks the “crisp” presentation of the Falci old production blades (as you can see in the pictures).The factory edge needs a little touch-up before first use.

Made by Falci company, Italy.

Additional information

Weight 0.460 kg
Dimensions 65 cm