#126BR Falci Blade, 60cm, 455g

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All-purpose blade

The #126B/60cm all-purpose scythe blade is a versatile blade designed to handle a range of cutting tasks efficiently. It is a strong blade with a stiff neck and body makes it particularly adept at tackling mature woody stems such as goldenrods, brambles, or occasional saplings. This blade’s versatility extends further with features like a flatter body and lower point, which lend themselves well to tasks involving the maintenance of small lawns.
The blade’s design and attributes make it a reliable choice for various cutting scenarios. The well-tensioned, old production blade hails from the esteemed Falci company in Italy, renowned for crafting high-quality scythe blades. The factory edge of the #126B/60cm blade has an excellent, consistent primary bevel. However, before the initial use, it is essential to further peening the blade’s cutting edge.
Peening, a crucial step in scythe blade preparation, involves reshaping and work-hardening the edge. This process enhances the blade’s cutting performance and extends its lifespan.
Whether clearing mature vegetation or maintaining a pristine lawn, the #126B/60cm all-purpose blade offers a balance of strength and precision.

This #126B/60cm blade is an old production blade from Falci company, Italy.

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Weight 0.455 kg
Dimensions 60 cm