#341C Falci Blade con Catena, 55cm, 575g

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This model 341 con Catena Falci blades are common in some regions of Italy. “Con Catena” translates as “with chain”. A different version of such attachment was used on old British blades. I assume it is to help carry over the cut matter. The 341C/55c Falci blade is suitable for trimming along the fence lines and tight corners, including woody weeds. This blade is plenty strong to cut brambles and small saplings. The 341C/55c Falci blade fits well on a straight one-grip snath or the Falci metal snath as an economical alternative.
This is a well-tensioned, old production blade.

Made by Falci company, Italy.

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Weight 0.575 kg
Dimensions 55 cm