#07b “Combo Outfit” with #128/65 and #151/50cm

CAD $275.00

Adjustable Canadian ash snath
– Attachment ring
– #128/65 cm blade
– #151/50 cm blade

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This Combination Scythe Outfit offers two blades that can be easily swapped to work on the same snath, according to a task.

The #128/65 is a light but well tensioned. It is suitable for multiple applications like maintaining an average lawn, cutting cover crops or gathering a small amount of hay.

The #151/50 blade is suitable for trimming around the garden and tight spaces. Depending on how the edge is peened, this blade works well for woody weeds, brambles and small saplings.

The #128/65 included in this “Combo Outfit” doesn’t have the same finish as the #128P/65 (see the pictures). The factory edge should be peened before first use.

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Weight 0.365 kg
Dimensions 50 cm