Forked Hoe “Paola”

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Two distinguishing features of the Paola hoe (like the Magna Grecia hoe, which we used to stock) are easy penetration and deep aeration. This method of garden preparation involves cultivating and weeding at the same time. When finished with “groundbreaking”, the soil is mostly free of roots and ready for planting. For weeding, Paola Hoe allows pulling weeds with deep roots without cutting them. Weeding will last longer when all roots get removed.

In general, a pronged hoe requires more “tool sense” (i.e. the sense to recognize the strength limits of the tool before it is seriously damaged) from its user. Angelo B. “Paola” hoe features prongs with a unique diamond cross-section. This adds to the tool’s durability without compromising the ability to penetrate even rocky soil.

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These are the features of the Forked Hoe “Paola”:

The tines are 26cm from eye to tip, and the tough, well-bevelled chopping blade on the opposite side is 7.5cm wide and 9cm long. The head weighs 1.00kg The beech handle is 124cm long, and the total weight of the tool is 1.73kg.

Product of Angelo B. company, Italy