Austrian-made SFX Anvil

CAD $98.00 CAD $125.00


This anvil is a treat to work on. Superb workmanship with a well-shaped face hardened to 59 HRC and a special adjustable “table” for steadying the blade.

Short – total length 6” with 2” prong – 0.850g
Tall – total length 9” with 2” prong – 1.300kg

With the short anvil, your seat needs to be 3-4 inches lower than the surface your anvil is mounted on. This will give you enough room for the blade to rest on your thighs while peening.

The tall anvil can be mounted on a large stump, which also serves as your seat, with the anvil between your legs. The larger stump, sitting on a solid ground, plus your own weight, will create a better “draw” for the anvil.

Read more about peening “freehand” on the anvil.

Watch this is an excellent short video of Philip Batten demonstrating “freehand” peening.

A factory manual on the use of the SFX anvil:

Additional information

Weight 0850-1.300 kg

Tall without attachments, Short, Tall