Peening Jig – “A”

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This Peening Jig is machined and finished with an uncompromised Austrian precision. It was originally supplied with two caps. The third cap (on the right) is added by ScytheWorks. A complete user manual is included.
Made in Austria by Schröckenfux.



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When to use the third cap:
Most of the new Schröckenfux and Falci blades have primary bevels that are relatively thin and about 5mm wide. To maintain such edges, the two caps (silver and gold) supplied initially with the Schröckenfux peening jig will work very well. However, if you need to peen an edge that is too thick (e.g. on some neglected used blades or even some new heavier blades), the original SFX caps will be less effective. In those instances, making first a pass with the black cap (on the right) will be more effective.

No specialized hammer is required; any common one weighing at least 500-600g will work.

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