Straight One-grip Snath

CAD $110.00

This straight one-grip snath is custom-made to accommodate the mover’s height. Also, it has three adjustable grip positions and is supplied with a Snath Saver and an Attachment Ring. Straight one-grip-snath is suitable for blades with steeper tang angles.
Traditionally, straight one-grip snath is used in regions of Eastern Europe and further east countries like Turkey, Russia, and Iran.

The shaft of the straight one-grip snath is made out of eastern maple or ash wood. The grips are made of maple, walnut or cherry wood.


Snath finishing

When I’m putting the outfit together, I treat the snath with a coat of boiled linseed oil cut with turpentine (50/50). This finish would work well for maintaining the entire snath and I recommend applying it once a year. Also, keeping the scythe outfit ‘out of elements' when not on use will extend its life expectancy.


When you’re purchasing a whole outfit from Scythe Works, I fit the blade on the snath according to the mower’s height. A good starting grip positions in the middle (facing forward), but it is important to pay attention, to make sure that the outfit fits you right. Sometimes to accommodate your particular stance and mowing style you might need to adjust the grip positions.


For some applications — like working in the tight spaces, steep slopes, trimming road or creek banks — a typical suggested grip position will not work very well. Lowering the grip might be more suitable for the task, and in some particular circumstances holding the snath directly by the shaft will result in a desired lay of the blade.

Attaching blade

or alternatively

Attachment ring note

It is a good practice before mowing to make sure that the setscrews are tight. Sometimes, when mowing in damp conditions the snath will slightly expand, and then when stored in a dry place the snath will shrink. The next time you take it out, the ring is slightly loose. A setscrew might eventually loosen completely with use and be lost. It happens. Another problem with a loose ring is that the knob might be moving too much in the knob hole. In extreme cases, this can damage the snath saver, snath, and ring.

If you need to raise the edge, place the wedge between the snath and tang.