Falci Metal or Aluminum Snath

CAD $50.00

If you’re looking for a utility tool to trim around the garden, cut some weeds or clean the fence lines, this Falci metal snath will do the job. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for field mowing — the ergonomics of the ScytheConnection Design Snath is far superior to this Metal Snath.

Complete Metal Snath weighs 1.28kg.

The same snath is also available in the Aluminum version. The Aluminum snath is very light and suitable for sensible hands or children. I recommend pairing this snath with one of the lighter 50 to 65cm Falci blades.

Complete Aluminum Snath weighs 0.733kg.

The shaft is 145cm long. The grips are adjustable, and these snaths are suitable for mowers under 5’10” tall. Included are one metal or Aluminum shaft, two grips and an attachment ring.


The grips on the Falci Metal and Aluminum Snaths are adjustable.

Suitable for mowers up to 5’10”.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 145 cm

Metal, Aluminum