Fire Swatter, Metal

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The Fire Swatter is used to put out a grass fire around your property before it gets a chance to spread.

The complete tool weighs around 2.3kg; the swatter head measures 35cm wide with nine 32cm long spring-steel leaves; the ash wood handle is 150cm long.

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Fire Swatter works to extinguish fires with small flames and embers in low grass or small shrub areas before it gets a chance to spread. Fire Swatter is suitable to use around your house or the campsite.

Extinguishing is initiated downwind by sweeping the slats across the ground toward the burning surface. The oxygen supply is temporarily interrupted, and the slats of the fire swatter absorb the heat in the burning material.

Do not use strong blows, as you would risk adding more oxygen to the fire.

If available, you can extinguish the fire with water or keep the area under observation, as there will always be a risk of the fire flaring up again.

Keeping the grass around the buildings low is a good practice, especially during the fire season. This task can be done, of course, with a scythe…

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Weight 2.3 kg

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