#08a “Utility Outfit” with #128Ms/65cm and Falci Metal Snath

CAD $125.00

– Falci Metal Snath with two grips
– Attachment ring
– #128Ms/65 cm blade

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Perhaps this batch of blades was sitting too long on the warehouse shelf before it would get a chance to smell the freshly cut grass. It is still a well-tensioned #128 blade, even if it locks the “crisp” presentation of the Falci old production blades (as you can see in the pictures). Paired with the Falci metal snath, this outfit is an affordable alternative for cost-conscious users. The grips are adjustable, and this snath is suitable for mowers under 5’10” tall.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this outfit for field mowing — the ergonomics of the ScytheConnection Design Snath is far superior to this Metal Snath.

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Weight 0.460 kg
Dimensions 65 cm