#03c “Trimming Outfit” with #335/55cm

CAD $225.00

The outfit includes:
– Adjustable Canadian ash snath
– Attachment ring
– #335/55 cm blade

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The Trimming Outfit with a #335 Falci blade in 55 cm is the perfect tool for trimming and maintaining small lawns with utmost precision and efficiency. Forged by the renowned Falci company, this trimming blade has been a trusted choice for garden enthusiasts for many years.

The #335 Falci blade is well-tensioned and designed to perform well. Its light weight makes it easy to handle, reducing fatigue during extended working sessions. The well-finished factory edge can be further improved by peening to ensure a clean and precise cut every time. Whether you need to trim grass around flower beds, along pathways, or in tight corners, this trimming outfit provides the versatility and maneuverability you require. A shorter length and ergonomic design enable you to easily navigate challenging areas.

The Falci company has produced top-quality scythe blades for over 100 years and is also known for producing and supplying other high-quality garden tools. The longevity of their products speaks to their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Investing in the Trimming Outfit with a #335 Falci blade means investing in a tool that will serve you faithfully for years to come. Assuming, of course, you will take good care of the tool.

This blade is another good example of old production, from days when the presentation itself reflected pride and confidence in the quality offered to the user. 

Made by Falci company more than 40 years ago.

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Weight .355 kg
Dimensions 55 cm