#01c “All-Purpose Outfit” with #127/65cm

CAD $230.00

The outfit includes:
– Adjustable Canadian ash snath
– Attachment ring
– #127/65 cm Falci blade


Introducing the remarkable all-purpose outfit with Falci scythe blade, a sibling to the renowned model #128 but with a lighter weight for enhanced maneuverability. Crafted in the esteemed traditions of Italian scythe manufacturing, this blade embodies excellence and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for a range of tasks. Whether you’re tending to your average lawn, caring for an orchard, trimming cover crops, or gathering a small amount of hay, this blade excels in every aspect.

With its refined design, the scythe blade boasts a subtly elevated point, strategically engineered to offer exceptional performance even on rough and uneven terrain. Its ergonomic construction ensures that you can effortlessly navigate various landscapes, allowing for precise and efficient cutting without compromising on quality or ease of use.

The blade arrives with a factory edge that merely requires a gentle touch-up before its first use, allowing you to swiftly get to work. This particular model is part of an esteemed lineage of scythe blades, representing the mastery of older production techniques. Meticulously crafted with unwavering attention to detail, the blade is impeccably tensioned and polished to ensure optimal cutting power and durability.

Manufactured by the renowned Falci company, hailing from Italy, this scythe blade embodies the rich heritage and craftsmanship for which Italian blades are famous. Falci’s commitment to excellence and their meticulous production standards are evident in every aspect of this exceptional blade. With its exceptional quality and versatility, this scythe blade is a testament to the legacy of Italian blade manufacturing, making it an essential tool for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Conquer any task with ease and precision, knowing that you have the finest scythe blade at your disposal. Get Scything today! 

Additional information

Weight .435 kg
Dimensions 65 cm