#08b “Utility Combo Outfit” with #128Ms/65cm, #126Mx/50cm and Falci Metal Snath

CAD $180.00

– Falci Metal Snath with two grips
– Attachment ring
– #128Ms/65 cm blade
– #126Mix/50 cm blade

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Perhaps this batch of #128 blades was sitting too long on the warehouse shelf before it would get a chance to smell the freshly cut grass. It is still a well-tensioned #128 blade, even if it locks the “crisp” presentation of the Falci old production blades (as you can see in the pictures). The #126Mx/50cm blade comes in handy for trimming and working in tight spaces. Paired with the Falci metal snath, this combo outfit is an affordable alternative for cost-conscious users. The grips are adjustable, and this snath is suitable for mowers under 5’10” tall.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this outfit for field mowing — the ergonomics of the ScytheConnection Design Snath is far superior to this Metal Snath.