Free-Hand Peening Kit “A”

CAD $160.00

I’m only out of the SILICAR stone, grit 400. All other items can be ordered individually and substitute this stone with “Bregenzer” or “La Saurat” to complete the kit.
– Austrian-made SFX Anvil – short, with guides to steady the blade
– SILICAR ® stone, medium grit, 220
– SILICAR ® stone, fine grit, 400
– Copper Whetstone Holder
– Sandflex Rust Eraser block

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The peening anvil included with this kit is a treat to work with. Superb workmanship with a well-shaped face hardened to 59 HRC. The special adjustable attachments for steadying the blade are helpful while building a new skill, and can be removed later. Designed and made by Ernst Schoiswohl, a technician at the Schröckenfux scythe factory in Austria.

The pair of sharpening stones are high-quality synthetic stones from the Zische company of Germany.

Using the included Sandflex Rust Eraser is an efficient way to clean the blade edge before peening.

If you already don’t own a hammer with a well-hardened face, I suggest adding one of the scythe hammers to complete this peening kit.